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Days / Years / Months / Seasons / Times

- 25 - Fiches Pédagogiques

Days / Years / Months / Seasons / Times; This section contains many work sheets about the themes mentioned above. Pupils will get to knoe the basics about these themes by playing games, doing word searches and by doing translating exercises.

Pupils can assign various words to the 4 seasons.

Pupils should write down the correct time using the words and numbers shown at the bottom of the page.

Here are several clocks which all display different times. Pupils can match the sentences with the clocks using numbers.

For this exercise, pupils can fill in the correct month including the correct ordinal number.

Pupils can assign several different pictures to the various seasons.

Pupils can complete some basic exercises about telling the time.

Pupils can draw the hands onto each clock according to the time shown.

Children will get to know the basics about various weekdays.

Pupils can translate the names of the 12 months of the year into English by using the words from the box.

Pupils will learn about the three different ways of telling the time: analogue, digital and in wirting. They can connect the three matching times by drawing lines.

This work sheet contains information about various events which take place throughout the year. Pupils can work through a "true or false" exercise.

This small exercise asks pupils to unscramble the letters of each weekday.

Pupils should find the English expressions for each picture (school subjects, days of the week) by using words from the box.

Pupils can read through the information and try to work out which month we are looking for.

Pupils can read through the information and try to work out which month we are looking for.

Pupils will learn what to say when it is "…. O' clock".

Pupils can translate a few Halloween based words into English.

Pupils will learn how to say when it is "half past".

Getting up in the morning is the focus of this work sheet. First, pupils can translate a few words into English using words from the box. Then they can answer a few "true or false" questions.

Pupils can read through this dialogue/rhyme and fill in the gaps. Afterwards they can try and act it out themselves.

Fiche pédagogique correspondant aux produits suivants

Pupils can see a list of Christmassy phrases. They can find the correct translations and assign them using numbers. There is also a Christmas tree which pupils can colour in however they like.

Fiche pédagogique correspondant aux produits suivants

Here is a wordsearch including terms to do with Christmas. Pupils will know what to look for by looking at the words surrounding the word search.

This work sheet focuses on the use of the word "will" in the future tense. Pupils should complete the sentences.

Time to get in the mood for Easter with a few cheerful rhymes.

Hand - art; Thanksgiving is celebrared on the last Thursday of November. This work sheet contains a little rhyme about Thanksgiving and includes a fun activity where pupils can create their very own "Turkey hand".

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