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Rhymes / Songs This section containes several work sheets all based on rhymes and songs which should make memorising and learning more simple for pupils.

This work sheet allows pupils to sing along to one of the Beatles’ most famous songs and asks them to fill in the missing letters.

This map of Europe includes numbers on the various countries. Pupils can write down the correct numbers into the circles showing the French translation of each country.

This is a rhyme of a different sort as pupils can complete it by using the pictures as help.

These 5 little birds are here to help children learn to count to five.

This fun "time - rhyme" should help pupils count to five.

Animals is the theme on this work sheet. Children can write down the names of the animals next to the pictures and try to memorise them as well as possible.

This little rhyme will get you in the mood for autumn once the leaves start to fall.

This work sheet contains the song "Runaway Train" by the band SOUL ASYLUM. Pupils should fill in the missing words from the box while listening to the song.

Time to get in the mood for Easter with a few cheerful rhymes.

This work sheet focuses on objects commonly found in a (class-) room and includes some short but important phrases (e.g. touch the desk, point at the door) which should help children remember what to say in day to day situations. The pupils should point at the objects when the teacher reads them out.

This work sheet contains the song "Love Is All Around" by the band WET WET WET. Pupils should match the sentences while listening to the song by writing down the correct number next to each line.

This rhyme will teach children a few things about self-care. Pupils should make sure they can understand and repeat every single action necessary.

This little rhyme focuses on two grandparents. When the teacher reads it out to the children they can carry out the actions which the various numbers at the end of each line demand.

This fun little rhyme about five sausages includes some actions for pupils to carry out. They should be able to pick it up quickly and easily.

There will be no more sleepy mornings in class with this rhyme which includes some actions for pupils to carry out (clap hands, jump up high) while reading it. They should be able to pick it up quickly and easily.

Tu trouveras ici les paroles de cette chanson très connue.

Tous en chœur chantons "Jingle Bells" ! Tu trouveras ici les paroles en anglais.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Nous te souhaitons un joyeux Noël) est un cantique anglais de Noël. Très populaire, il a été composé au XVIe siècle. La chanson fait mention de la nouvelle année.

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